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The most meaningful impact you can make to helping build Kidzeum is by sponsoring an exhibit. Your commitment will allow visitors to explore various health and science concepts through hands-on engagements and activities. The investment you make to create an exhibit within one of the four galleries will not only help visitors to explore new ideas, but will also promote your company or brand to thousands of future visitors.

Exhibit sponsorships are a win-win for both the companies that receive immeasurable publicity to the estimated 120,000+ visitors a year, and for the visitors who are able to discover new and fascinating realms of their world! 

Please note that additional exhibits, engagements, and programming are available for sponsorship.  For more information on a particular exhibit, or to discuss the potential to fund a customized exhibit based upon your company's mission or services, please contact Kidzeum Board President Rachael Thomson at (217) 971-4435 or at info@kidzeum.org.

The following exhibits are currently available for naming rights/sponsorship:

Healthy Body Gallery:

Healthy Community Gallery:

Healthy Earth & Environment Gallery:

Outside Engagements:

Gift Possibilities: Kidzeum's Return on Investment

Return on Investment (ROI) is used to measure the performance of one investment relative to another. There is no greater ROI than that of enhancing health and wellness, providing extended learning opportunities, and offering a place for children and their families to spend quality, meaningful time together, all of which can be endowed with an investment in the Kidzeum of Health and Science.

ROI Calculation for Donation to Kidzeum = 100% and priceless

Below are just a few possibilities in which your investment equates to help fund programs, exhibit development, and much more through the Vital for Our Youth Capital Campaign:

  • A $50 donation can print extended learning guides to be used during school field trips or family outings for up to 1,000 children
  • A $250 donation can sponsor admission for 12 low-income families (average of four people per family) to visit Kidzeum
  • A $600 donation can pay for an annual subscription to Network for Good, an online processing system to allow donations through Kidzeum's website
  • A $1,550 donation can purchase Weather & Forces of Nature materials, lesson sheets, and accredited teaching manual from the Future Scientists & Engineers of America for 20 students to participate in 10 one-hour programs
  • A $2,500 donation can buy the supplies needed for 3,000 visitors to make a plaster cast of their thumb in the Bone Zone as part of the Healthy Body Exhibit
  • A $6,000 donation can bring Professor B.Z. Body, Kidzeum's mascot, to life by funding the design and fabrication of a costume and interchangeable lesson velcro props
  • A $10,000 donation can help to build two hands-on engagements in the Music Discovery Area, where visitors can learn how science and art mix to make beautiful sounds
  • A $25,000 donation can construct a functioning greenhouse and urban living garden to promote sustainable living within the Healthy Environment Gallery. 

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Sponsor an exhibit Help visitors to explore new ideas and promote your company or brand to thousands of future visitors! Sponsor Exhibit >>

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